Talking about money
is not easy,

but it does help.

Talking is a relief. And it opens doors. Because often more help is available than you’d expect. You may have a chat about money with family and friends. Or have a money chat with a Geldpraatje partner in your neighborhood. Because anyone can be confronted with financial worries. It might make you feel insecure, angry, or fearful of the future. But you don’t have to face it alone. Talking about it helps.

Who will you have a money chat with?

By talking about financial matters, I am now getting the help I need.


It means everything to me that my social worker listens to my concerns.


You get tips and you’re heard, you find out that you are not alone.


A money chat near you

There are many places in Dordrecht where you can drop by for a money chat. Check which organisation is in your neighborhood. And drop by, you are welcome.

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It’s important to have conversations about money. For both small and big worries. These tips make it easier to talk about money:

  • 1
    1. Think about what you want to discuss in advance. Put this into a list. This way you won’t forget anything and you can practice it a bit in your mind.
  • 2
    1. Decide who you want to tell. A friend, family, or would you rather drop in for a money chat at one of the many Geldpraatje partners in Dordrecht?
  • 3
    1. Choose a quiet moment for the conversation. This way you make sure that the other one has time for the conversation.
  • 4
    1. Do you find this difficult? Then consider to start talking about it while cooking, walking, or during another activity together. Quite often it’s easier when you don’t have to look at the other person.