The municipality of Dordrecht commissioned the website and wants everyone to be able to easily use all the information on this website. Therefore, we are continuously working to improve its accessibility. We want to conduct an accessibility study, but no schedule is set for this yet.

Extended Accessibility Statement

Government organizations must publish an accessibility statement for each website they are responsible for. The statement indicates to what extent the website already meets the requirements. And what measures the organization takes to ensure accessibility, and when.

Once we have had the website tested, we will prepare an accessibility statement with the results.

What is an accessible website

Our goal is for our websites, internal digital systems, and mobile applications to be accessible to as many people as possible, even if they have disabilities or preferences. This primarily means the following:

  • The website is designed so that as many people as possible can read and understand the information provided.
  • The website can be operated and used with any PC, tablet, or smartphone, so also by people with adapted equipment.

We therefore aim to meet the international accessibility requirements at least, WCAG 2.1 level AA (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). For governments, this is included in the European Standard Digitally Accessible EN 301 549.