“Persevere and let yourself be helped.

It is incredible

what’s possible”


With the curtains closed, Ron hid from bailiffs. He only went outside when it was absolutely necessary. That has changed now. His debts have been largely resolved, he visits the Vogelnest almost every day and is about to start a new job. Ron’s life has changed significantly over a few years.

“I feel better and stronger than 5 years ago. My budget manager and social worker mean everything to me. I never thought this was possible.”

It means everything to me that my social worker listens to my concerns.


How everything changed in an instant

Ron’s life fell apart when he was declared unfit for work. He lost his beloved job as a truck driver, and his income decreased by almost €700 a month. The debts piled up. The curtains stayed closed, mail was not opened, and he hardly ever went outside.

A cry for help

Until the moment this couldn’t go on any longer. Ron’s cry for help was heard. He received help from a budget manager and a social worker. “I was simply shocked about what the budget manager managed to accomplish. A large part of my debts I no longer have to repay. And the rest I’m paying back in installments. It makes me proud and brings so much relief. “Once I’m officially done, I want him to keep helping me with my finances,” Ron says.

Attention does good

Ron talks about his life with the social worker. About losing a partner, something he has experienced twice. And about how boring his life has become. Every morning, he counts the hours until the Vogelnest at Vogelplein opens its doors again.

“I feel safe at the Vogelnest. They asked me to join them at a time when I was suffering a lot from agoraphobia. By handing out coffee coins at bingo, I got to know new people. And last year, they even arranged a new, energy-efficient refrigerator for me!””

A helping hand

Ron also receives help in other areas. For instance, through the Social Support Act (Wet maatschappelijke ondersteuning Wmo), he got a safe storage for his mobility scooter. And he receives a food package every Monday evening through Broodnodig.

A hopeful future

Hopefully, Ron’s boring days will soon come to an end. He found a job as a coach driver. After extensive medical examinations, he got his approval. His first trip as a coach driver will take place soon.

“They are desperately looking for staff everywhere, so I knew this was my chance. And when I want something, it usually happens. That’s also what I want to pass on to others in such a situation: persevere and let yourself be helped. Don’t do as I do, so a solution will offer itself for you faster.”